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Marketing Doesn't Need to be Hard, Boring or Time-consuming for Anyone

Here's what I have for B2B/B2C SaaS going
from $1 M to $100 M in revenue 🎯
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Product Launch 🪜

Every new product, feature or beta model requires a strong launch strategy.

Customer Acquisition 🐧

Identify core customers, craft customers lifecycle & acquisition process and know the JTBD.

Positioning & Messaging✏️

Where do you fit in market & how to communicate with the target customers.

GTM Strategy 🧐

Develop and define a Go-To-Market Strategy based on launches & goals.

Pricing Strategy 💸

Based on your GTM create pricing model: freemium, free trial or demo.

Product Marketing 🚀

Develop a complete product marketing strategy for companies going from $1M to $100M+ in revenue.

Product Marketing
Advising - One-time

Product marketing free consulting services

- You're looking for strategical help in one particular area.
- We'll do the audit and get through the area of improvement.
- We'll work on one core problem that your company is facing.
- This 1:1 will be between 60-90 mins long & will be charged $150.

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Fractional Product
Marketer - Long-term

Product marketing long term consultant

- You have a goal to achieve or have a specific long term project in mind or have a core problem to solve.
- You are a B2B or B2C SaaS company.
- We'll start by 360 degree analysis and move to tactical & strategical part.
- Start with minimum 5 hrs/week for 3 months.

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worked with early-stage startups to unicorns 🦄

MintBox, TimeTasks, Marked, Disclose, Lightroom, ZoCal, Pinto, Woken, Adidas & more.