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Hereโ€™s how I can help you:
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I team up with you to figure out the right product & marketing strategy for your customers so you donโ€™t spend months working on the wrong one. Besides the strategic side I also sometimes make an Angel Investment in startups that fit me.

Product + Marketing

Product advising to founders

- Identify the right problems to solve & build something your customers will love.
- Create a clear & defined product & go-to-market strategy.
- Strategies startups use to acquire, retain, grow and engage users
- Help you with validate, test, build & launch their product.

Have a 1:1 brainstorming session for anything you're struggling with your product for an hour.

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Angel Investment

Angel investment

If you're one of the kind:

- Bootstrap or Female founders (living & working from anywhere in the world) looking for check size under $25k.
- At the MVP stage
- Vision oriented
- Creating something in Cyber/Internet Security, Sustainability, Creator Economy, Community.
I would love to talk about potential investment in your product/startup.

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Work with:

MintBox, TimeTasks, Marked, VoxTune. 4Wise, ZoCal