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Hi, I'm Ritika, a full-time Product Marketer. I care a lot about how users interact with the company, give them the greatest experience and pair strategy with a clear vision to route from problem to solution. I work with a system and framework that works best which I openly share in my newsletter, here.

Currently, I do Product Marketing under @10x, where I am the founder, for growth-stage Tech startups. I’ve helped 20+ companies with launching product-led growth models, crafting the product positioning & messaging, customising go-to-market strategy and shipping tons of features that drive millions in revenue.

I started my venture at 17 by building and running a marketing agency working with 25+ clients from all around the world for 3 years, then moving on to build a bootstrap tech startup "WorkMap". From building an MVP and pitching investors to launching the marketplace with 12000+ users in 8 months. I have worked in several roles & in different industries (SaaS, Productivity, fintech, healthcare, Edtech, etc.) as a Founder, CMO, Head of Product Marketing & Advisor, you can find my complete work history on LinkedIn.

I thrive more strategically, logically & creatively in the leadership roles and have had my hands in building teams, fundraising, & overall company growth.

Feel free to reach out to me here or connect with me on Twitter.

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